What is up next for BarnArts?

The Little Prince

The Little Prince is now in rehearsals!   This will be BarnArts first show which will include an arts-in-education programming component.   We will have daytime performances for school groups on Thursday Nov 10th.   For more info please contact BarnArts.

The Little Prince Performance Dates, Nov 10-13 at the Barnard Town Hall

6th Annual Winter Carols

BarnArts will be holding our 6th Annual Winter Carols on Friday Dec 16th at Barnard’s First Universalist Church.   Be part of our youth or adult chorales!   Rehearsals begin for the singers on Wednesday, Nov 2.   Contact BarnArts for more info.

2nd Annual Holiday Cabaret 

BarnArts will again be joining with ArtisTree to provide a 2nd Annual Holiday Cabaret as part of Wassail Weekend on Saturday Dec 10.   Last year’s sold-out event was a huge success!

Tickets for these fall events will be available soon!

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 Art on the Farm Music Series

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The vision of BarnArts is to foster and continuously support a community that views art as essential to social well-being, a community where a thriving arts culture and a thriving rural economy are mutually supportive, where the careers of artist, teacher and farmer are equally valued, and where time is set aside for the pursuit of creativity and shared learning.