By Samuel Beckett 

Directed by Linda Treash

Performed outdoors at Feast &Field in Barnard, VT

June 21-30


Wednesday, April 3  7-9pm

Saturday, April 6  4-6pm

Audition location:

First Universalist Church and Society of Barnard

6211 Rt 12, Barnard

We will be holding auditions for the following roles:

Lucky – Male, 50+ or able to play such.  Primarily physical comedy and long monologue in Act 1.

Pozzo – Male, 50+ or able to play such.  Physical comedy and aristocratic speech and airs.

Boy – 8-13 years.  Small acting and speaking role at ending of both acts.

Auditions will be organized through readings from the script.  No appointments or prepared pieces needed.

Rehearsals begin April 28

BarnArts Waiting for Godot creative team includes Erin Bennett, Christian Coffman & Aaron M. Hodge.  Coffman and Hodge will be playing the roles of Estragon and Vladimir.  Bennett is the show’s Set & Costume Designer as well as Stage Manager.

Contact the Director with Questions.