THE SEAGULL by Anton Chekhov

Directed by Aaron M. Hodge

Production Dates: February 14-23, 2020
Production Location: The Grange Theatre, South Pomfret
Wednesday, Nov 20  7-9pm
Thursday, Nov 21  7-9pm
Additional date/possible callbacks:

Sunday, Nov 24   4-6pm

Audition Location: The Grange Theatre, South Pomfret

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov is credited as the first play written with realistic casual dialogue. Love affairs, dysfunctional families, and poetic melancholy abound in this tragicomedy set on a lakefront estate in the Russian countryside. Intellectuals clash with farmers, doctors clash with patients, and writers loath one another in the pursuit of meaningful creation. At the heart of it all is flinching hope, unrequited desire, and the lonely romance of truth.

Auditions Info

No appointment necessary to audition, but director may be contacted with questions through BarnArts. Auditions will be held using sides from the script. Anyone auditioning with a specific part in mind may prepare a reading for that character from the script.
Casting Overview: Play includes 10 strong roles, 3 minor/optional roles. 
Ages for women (4): 18-45 (possible range of approximately 16-55)
Ages for men (6): 24-60 (possible range of approximately 18-70)
Minor roles (up to 3) can be any gender or age
Konstantin Treplyov, Male, 24 years old – A young symbolist playwright who is as ambitious as he is frustrated, both at the decadence of Moscow’s theatre scene, and his inability to express “new art forms”. Intelligent yet tempestuous, he dropped out of university and is now living at his uncle’s country estate, where he hopes to become a writer of value, live up to his mother’s fame and judgment, and possess the love of Nina Zarachneya, the provincial girl next door.
Nina Zarachneya, Female, 20 years old – A vivacious and passionate soul, an aspiring actress, and Konstantin’s muse. She reads voraciously, yet while attracted to Konstantin’s insatiable drive to create new art, she sees no life or love in his characters. She longs to seek stardom on the Moscow Stage, and adores the writing of Boris Trigorin.
Irina Arkadina, Female, 43 years old – Konstantin’s mother, and the star actress of the Moscow Stage, Irina craves the spotlight wherever she roams. She is as critical of her son’s avant-garde writing as he is her theatrical lifestyle and mannerisms. Quick to temper and boredom while vacationing in the country, she despises idleness and seeks pleasure in constant activity. She is in love with the famous Russian writer, Boris Trigorin, who she has brought to the country estate.
Boris Trigorin, Male, 39 years old – A celebrated author of short stories and novels, yet “simple, apt to be melancholy”. His obsession with writing manifests itself in constant fear of irrelevance, the anxiety of being deemed charming, but not serious. He will always compare himself to Tolstoy and Turgenev. An avid fisherman, he seeks peace in the natural world, from which he draws ideas and inspiration. He observes everyone and everything, always writing in his notebook. 
Pjotr Sorin, Male, 60 – Owner of the country estate, and a retired civil servant, he is in declining health, but still sharp of mind and humor. He is one of the few who can jibe and banter with his sister Irina on a daily basis. He regrets having spent his youth and working life on the straight and narrow, and is looking to make up for lost revery in his older age with sherry and cigars.
Masha Ilynishna, Female, 20 years old – Daughter of the estate manager Ilya, she has grown up with Sorin’s family, yet feels adrift and out of place. Her pessimistic humor is a foil to mask her uncertainty for the future, and her unrequited love for Konstantin. She is depressed and drinks vodka openly. Tragically romantic yet pragmatic, she concocts a plan to get rid of her heartache.
Semyon Medvedenko, Male, 22 years old – A local schoolteacher with a large family and a sick mother, he is the sole provider for his kin. He hikes 8 miles round trip every day to the country estate to see Masha, who he hopes to marry despite constant rejection. Despite poverty, he is hopeful and committed to the joys of family life.
Yevgeny Dorn, Male, 55 years old – A country doctor and home care provider for Pjotr Sorin, he has been a friend of the family for years. Though loved by many women in his time, he remains a bachelor. He offers sage advice to all parties, and is one of the few who sees the potential in Konstantin’s writing. He is a father figure to some, best friend to others, and apple of Polina’s eye. 
Ilya Shamrayev, Male, 48 years old – A retired lieutenant and manager of Sorin’s estate, he is an avid patron of the arts, especially operatic singers. Though an admirer of artistic beauty, he is also impatient, and does not tolerate the ignorance of others. He his very protective of his horses.
Polina Andreyevna, Female, 45 years old – Wife of Ilya, lover of Dorn, mother of Masha, she is crushed by the web of concealed longings and stifled desires that permeate from within. She is also painfully aware of and troubled by the conflicts between members of the estate. Sad at the passing of time, she dreams of a life where all can love simply and honestly.
Farm hands/Stage hands – Crew members to represent servants and workmen on the estate, to blend in and help move scenery and set pieces at intermission and between acts. Some speaking lines.