by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Linda Treash 


Audition Dates: Sunday, Jan 23 & Monday, Jan 24

Audition Location: the Grange Theatre, 65 Stage Rd, South Pomfret, VT

Please complete the Audition Form before coming to the audition.


April 1-3, 7-10, 2022

Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays 7:30pm, Sundays 2:00pm

VACCINATIONS REQUIRED.  Proof of current vaccination/boosters will be required for actors in this production and are expected to be required of the audience. We appreciate your understanding.


Fragile, worn and desperate Southern belle Blanche DuBois moves to New Orleans to live with her sister, Stella, and her brutish brother-in-law, Stanley Kowalski, in a small, dingy apartment. Blanche’s romantic illusions and tender secrets clash against Stanley’s frank and violent physicality in Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning drama.


Setting: The scene is the interior and exterior of the two-room Kowalski apartment in a run-down area of the New Orleans French Quarter. The action of the play takes place in the spring, summer and early fall of the same year. Although Williams wrote the play in the late 1940s, our costuming and set will be contemporary to reflect the current relevance of the play’s content.

ALL ROLES ARE OPEN. The director is seeking actors ages 18 and up, of all ethnicities and gender identities. All character ages are stage ages and are flexible.

Please arrive at the beginning of your chosen audition date.  Auditions will include reading scenes from the script with other actors, and possible short monologues, all of which will be provided upon arrival at the auditions. Please be familiar with the play and characters.


Proof of COVID-19 vaccination status will be required upon entry. Masks will be required at all times unless actively auditioning.

Please be aware that this production will involve close contact between cast members and moderately strenuous physical exertion.

Advisory: Please be advised that this play is about a dysfunctional family, and that dysfunction manifests itself in behavior that includes uncontrollable anger, emotional cruelty, and physical and sexual misconduct.

BarnArts is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully, and have equal opportunities.


Blanche DuBois: (f 30-35) A vain, but sensitive, moth-like member of the fading Southern aristocracy. Raised with money but now destitute, her grip on reality is loosening, and she is burdened by an eternal guilt. She is a complex and contradictory character, an alcoholic, whose helplessness, fragility and vulnerabilities foreshadow her tragic end.

Stella Kowalski:  (f 25-30)  Vivacious and sensual. Stella’s relationship with Stanley is highly physical — both in the bedroom and in terms of the domestic violence she encounters all too frequently. Stella is happy to see Blanche but also views her visit as an invasion. Blanche represents “the past” from which Stella has moved on and to which she has no interest in returning.

Stanley Kowalski: (m 25-35)  Stanley is shrewd and powerful. He faces everything and everybody in his life with a brutal realism that often leads to violence. Blanche represents a “reminder” of what Stella gave up to be with him and thus a threat to his life as he knows it. He is lean, vibrant, and radiates energy. He holds an unshakeable world view and sees his commonness as above Blanche’s pretensions.

Harold “Mitch” Mitchell: (m 30-35) Clumsy and shy, yet gentle and kind. Devoted to his ailing mother but frustrated at still being single, Mitch wants Blanche to be his answer. He sweats through his awkwardness but is sensitive and a gentleman – except when up-ended by Blanche’s sordid past. Another regular poker player buddy of Stanley.

Eunice Hubell: (f any age) Stella’s neighbor and friend who lives upstairs and is the wife of Steve.  Hard edged. (May double with other characters)

Pablo Gonzales: (m any age) Another of Stanley’s poker-playing buddies. (May double with other characters)

Young Collector: (any gender, the younger the better) A young person who comes to the Kowalskis to collect payment for the newspaper. They are polite, professional, and made uncomfortable by Blanche’s overt flirtations. (May double with other characters)

Steve Hubell: (m any age)  Upstairs neighbor of the Kowalskis, he gathers to play poker and is the husband of Eunice.  Rough and feisty.  (May double with other characters)

A Doctor (Strange Man) and Nurse (Strange Woman): (any genders, any age) The kind, quiet doctor who uses their gentleness to convince Blanche to accompany them to the sanitarium at the play’s end, and their all-business nurse. (Both may double with other characters)

Other characters with brief lines or no lines (will be double cast with other roles, or multiples) A Neighbor, A flower seller, prostitute, sailors and others who pass by on street

Rehearsal and Production info

FIRST READ-THROUGH: Late January or early February


To begin early February with 1-3 rehearsals per week, depending on character

Rehearsals may increase to 2-4 days per week in mid-March, as needed.

Full availability is necessary starting March 26th for tech week.


Weeknights 6:00pm – 9:00pm and Saturday or Sunday afternoon (not both)


Rehearsal location is TBD, based on actors residencies, conveniences and space availability.

From March 23rd on, rehearsals will take place at the Grange Theatre.

PERFORMANCE LOCATION: Grange Theatre, South Pomfret.

CONFLICTS: Please verify your availability for all performances and list any conflicts for potential rehearsals on the Audition Form .